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That was pretty good. Kids loved it. (at Pirates Voyage Dinner Theater)

Going to an afternoon show. (at Pirates Voyage)

It’s true. (at South of the Border)

Got to be some quality items right there. From my Rakuten deals of the day email. #stayclassy #scratcherheaven

Sure, I miss the lake, but being around a large body of water everyday means a lot to me. After a typical work day, well… at least 5 days a week I bring the girls to the pool to swim.
I get in. Swim. Get out, bask in the sun. And repeat several times. Most days with a nice big cup of cold beer.
This is THE life. Until I get to live on the lake again, it’s a pool life for me.
Sometimes those simple feelings in life, are the best.

I have little words. Only feelings of a full heart.

It’s less than 12 hours till I get to pick up Haven. I am out of my mind with impatience sitting at Matt & Kelly’s trying to keep myself occupied / entertained till then.

Laila is tonight’s party entertainment. (at House of Riot)

My Father’s Day card from Haven. So perfect. 15 days till she’s with me for the summer. 15 loooong days.

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