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For the fans. was updated on April 1st. No one noticed. #Homestarrunner

Yep. Better.

Artcraft Project of the day: From a 1” piece of white PVC to a cross that looks old. Not bad.. Helped me learn a little bit more today. (at Artcraft)

#fmsphotoaday Dark.
As in evil. McFarlane Toys: Tortured Souls figures are dark, evil and… well, beautiful.
I have both sets of the Tortured Souls and close to 150 other McFarlane figures. Too bad they don’t make them like this anymore. Can’t wait to have the room to have them all set up again one day.
#spawntoys #mcfarlanetoys #torturedsouls

#fmsphotoaday Hobby.
My hobby, or obsession, since I was a young child. Comic books. Just never want to stop reading my stories. Especially the X-Men.

#fmsphotoaday Where I’d rather be.
With Haven, in Spain.
About a week ago I just past the halfway mark till she’s back with me again. Every day it gets a bit harder, not easier.

#fmsphotoaday feels more like autumn than spring.
I’m cold.

#fmsphotoaday Not mine.
But it could be. Rachel and I have very similar taste. Junky with style.

#fmsphotoaday Good Together.
Tonight’s planning.

#fmsphotoaday Shapes.
Deciding which plug/tunnel to wear today.

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